Terms of Service


Joining 5 Minute Club as a member automatically gives your consent to any and all policies as well as rules as regulations set by the owners which include the Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy. In case any member or individual has any objection or disagreement on any of the point or clause in the policies, they are advised to stop immediately using any service provided and terminate the account at the earliest. We at this moment declare that any member of the site using our services is not an employee, neither an independent contractor of the site 5 Minute Club. Any individual who joins as a member is solely responsible for all their activities including the money being spent on the services.


Members are at this moment informed that they are not allowed to present the site or any of its members with unsolicited offers or promotion on any of the site’s page, forum or news group and email. The members are not allowed to use any distribution method, which has been regarded objectionable by the site owners, and the Internet Service Providers of the site for offers. Any activity considered with the intention of promotion or other unlawful gesture as per the legal controlling authorities will lead to immediate suspension of the account with the pressing of legal charges. This includes spreading pornography, any bug or virus, obscenity or Spam. The members of 5 Minute Club are not allowed to gain any referrals of any kind by enticing them with credits, rewards or gifts and other incentives other than what has been mentioned and allowed by the site.


The site and site owners of 5 Minute Club are not responsible for the act of any individual or members on the site. We can’t be held liable for any action of the third party which might result in the damage or harm to another member.


5 Minute Club allows free registration for all its users. Members can feel free to join whenever they want. However, only the paid upgraded accounts will be given the facility to buy ad packages and access to our premium services.


The membership of 5 Minute Club is voluntary and can be cancelled or stopped at any point of time by the user by themselves. 5 Minute Club.com reserves the sole right to terminate the membership and account of any of its member at any point of time without any prior notice or information. If any member of the site is found to have violated the Terms of service, the privacy policy, refund policy or indulged in any unlawful activity, their account and membership will be suspended immediately and required legal action will be taken. Any unprofessional or unethical behavior or activity by any member of the site will also result in the same consequence of account membership being terminated effective immediately. The user will be not allowed to rejoin or be a part of the 5 Minute Club business again. Any account suspended or membership terminated would consequently result in the complete forfeit of any or all benefits and privileges including the money balance, which would not be refunded under any circumstances. If the account member holds any position at 5 Minute Club, the ownership will be withdrawn and reassigned to 5 Minute Club at the earliest. 5 Minute Club holds the sole power as well as right to cancel any membership or terminates an account which is found involved in cheating, abusing, misuse of website or service, misuse of the program and another site member(s), spamming or other unethical practices. In the case of account closure, cancellation or termination, administrative fees on a part of the amount deposited would be levied.


Highly secure networks protect the payments and all financial transactions that take place on our site. We at 5 Minute Club verify each of the financial transaction takes place, apart from having it checked from the banks. Thus, it might take up to 48 hours to update the member’s account with the relevant latest details of the payment and transaction status.


Credit card frauds have increased and thus to prevent any fraudulent transaction or withdrawal; we have implemented few conditions for the protection of the payment processors as well as our clients. For safety and anti-fraud check, following rules will imply on credit card transactions- 1. The information or client details mentioned on the website must match the customer information in the records of the payment processors. The details include full real name and email address along with any other specified detail. 2. One member is allowed to use only one payment processor ID, which was used to make the purchase ad upgrade the account in first place. Thus, one client will use the same: a. Payza address b. SolidTrustPay ID c. Other processor 3. 5 Minute Club reserves the right to ask for the proof of identification from any client at any point of time. In the case of a failure to comply with these conditions or refusal to identify with the relevant personal identification, the account of the member will be cancelled and terminated.


No refund will be made once a purchase is made. It’s up to the customer purchasing the product to evaluate the terms and condition before making a purchase. Once purchase is made, it’s non-refundable and non-transferable.


The web site owners and workers will not tolerate any indecent behavior or upload of the content of any manner that would point to adult or pornographic nature. Advertisements that disgrace the race, culture, faith, belief, religion, person, group or any creature including animals would be taken down immediately and the concerned account be suspended for further action. Advertisements with fake and misleading claims would be seriously dealt with. If you are found to be posting any such advertisement, your account and membership will be immediately terminated.


5 Minute Club declares that no private details or any personal information of any member or individual would not be provided to the third party without the consent of the concerned members. Only in the case where the law requires, the personal information and details of an individual be released. The contact details or the personal information that you fill at 5 Minute Club is solely for making contact and not for selling to third party vendors or firms. We also use cookies in order to track properly our advertisements. Cookies are small software files which are sent from our server and with your permission, can get stored in your memory to recognize your browser whenever needed for a personalized experience.


All members are at this moment informed that they should fill in the correct details as required. The members are responsible for filling the updated details in their accounts so that they can be communicated with by our time. If the team continues to make attempts but fails to make communications, the account of the member may be terminated.


All the images, logos, content and other files are copyright material which can’t be used or distributed otherwise without the permission of the site owners. The unlawful distribution and circulation of the property will result in immediate account termination and legal action. The members are only allowed to market their products at the appropriate section.

(XIII) Intent

If the member(s) involve themselves in any email circulation, posting or any chat which has content which is deemed damaging to the website and its owners, they would face immediate termination of their membership and account without notice. Then, 5 Minute Club may or may not exercise due legal action.

(XIII) Spam

5 Minute Club strictly discourages the use and spread of UBE, UCE and SPAM. This rule is for the benefit of the members of the 5 Minute Club circle. Any member found to be violating this rule would face immediate termination of membership and suspension of the account.


As you are responsible for the income on your owning, it would be your responsible to pay all the taxes as applicable according to your domicile country or jurisdiction. Any income received from you as a part of working at 5 Minute Club would be taxable.


All the agreements shall be interpreted under the laws of the native domicile country of the site owner only.


We hold the sole right to add, edit or update, modify and change the terms and conditions whenever needed without any prior notice or information. Members are advised to update regularly themselves with the new Terns ad Conditions.