Feb 14, 2017

Update and New partner

Hello to all!

We hope you`re all having a great time and we would like to apologize for the lack of news lately.

We are working hard to pay all the outstanding cashouts. Some more have been paid in the last days and more will follow very soon.

As we told you before, we are aiming to complete our platform having being left with it incomplete by our previous programming manager. We hope to have this situation solved as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we are stablishing partnership with other platforms where you can make some extra cash and by registering with 5MC, you`re helping us by growing our revenues and be able to complete our work.

So today, we would like to present you a new partner, very similar to the first one - BTChamp.

BTChamp is a matrix but what makes it different is how affordable it is. It`s only 0.0005 BTC ($0.50) to upgrade and the upgrade lasts for 180 days.
5MC is placed on a growing team, where everyone has the chance to enjoy spillover but since this is so affordable, you`ll start making money very quickly by just promoting to a few of your followers/friends.

Try it: https://btchamp.com/ref/b69632e7c9

We will keep you updated about 5MC and new partnerships that we are concluding.

Thanks for your patience, your time and your support!


5MC Team
Jan 13, 2017

Cashouts & Partnerships

Dear members,

We have slowly started resuming cashouts. They will be done according to availability of the team as we are now focused on finishing our platform.
No need to send support tickets. Your cashout(s) will be paid and we will soon normalize everything.

Meanwhile, we are working together with other admins in order to establish partnerships to increase the traffic and success of both platforms.

Joining one of the partners website will generate commissions to 5MC, increasing revenues and making it even more sustainable over time.

For you to get the best out of each program, we kindly ask you, if you join, advertise your 5MC referral link in that platform and use the 5MC credits to advertise here your referral link from the partner website.
This way, we increase the exposure of both programs and maximize the revenues, specially for you.

Our first partnership is with Coin4All - a M2M matrix that is still new and has an interesting feature - membership lasts for 2 months and it decreases everytime you move up a level.
With Coin4All, 100% of the payments received will be added to 5MC results so every single member will benefit from joining this matrix. Go ahead, check it out using this link:


As we said before, finishing the platform is costly and specially time consuming, leaving us in a hard position because we want to keep paying our loyal members as we always did. And we are committed to that.

Keep promoting. We are not running away and soon everything will be back to normal!

Thanks for your support.

5MC Team
Jan 09, 2017

Update - 9th January 2017

Dear members,

As stated on the previous news, we are currently working in order to finish our platform after being left with it unfinished by our previous programming team.

For this reason, cashouts have been temporarily disabled. We will resume as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated on new developments.

Thank you for you support.

5MC Team.
Dec 30, 2016

Update on 5 Minute Club

Dear members,

First of all, we hope you have all had a great Christmas and would like to express our best wishes for 2017!

Now, regarding our platform, we would like to give you a more extensive update of the current situation and the reason for some delays.

As you may have noticed, we were supposed to enable the Surfing page, together with more options as the Advertising page where you could buy banner spots, login ads and a few other advertising options. Also, we had planned a PTC page to enable you to make more money by clicking specific ads.

So, we launched while those last parts of the page were being finished. A few weeks later we were faced with our developper not responding and not finishing what we was supposed to finish (and what he was paid for). We kept trying over and over but until now, no reply. We were left with an unfinished platform and without any control over it.

We also found a few bugs that were not supposed to allow members to perform certain tasks and that has caused some damage.

We are not in any way trying to come up with excuses for anything nor are you stating that we`re closing down. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

The hard truth is that while we got over 4k sign ups, only less than 100 members are in fact active.

Right now, our best option is to find someone else to finish the page so we can finally turn it into what we always wanted. But that requires time and money. We are working in order to find a viable solution to finish it, giving you a much better experience and most of all - profitable.

We decided to ditch Payza as a payment option and as soon as we find someone else capable of handling our script, it will be removed. Payza keeps asking for the same things over and over, even when they have got everything they need related to the business. Also, recently Payza has had many delays on their cashouts and a lot of people stopped using it. This, along with the fact that they always freeze part of the funds, is a big NO on using them. We hope you understand.

Bitcoin is the best option, specially since it`s price is so high and you get much more value now compared to a few weeks/months ago.


We are aware many people have pending cashouts for a few days and those will be taken care as soon as possible as they must be performed manually as we have disabled the automatic features for safety reasons. YOU WILL GET PAID. There`s no argument there.

We just ask for some more patience.

We are still discussing if we will "pause" the platform until we finish it. You will be notified of any decision.

Right now, all we can ask is for your support. To keep promoting and bring more members. This will allow us to have more active members so we can establish partnerships that will be very beneficial to all of us.

We ar NOT willing to give up and no obstacle will be too big to make us stop. But this is also in your hands. If you keep promoting and sharing your results, we will do everything we can to improve and turn this into a much more profitable business.

Can we count on you?

Best wishes for the New Year and lots of success!

5MC Team
Dec 17, 2016

Christmas Special Promotion - EXTENDED

50% OFF on ALL Memberships!

This is your chance to get a membership for half its price!

From the 17th until the 31st December, if you buy any membership you get 50% cashback!


Buy your membership at Membership page then go to Support and send a ticket with the subject "Membership Promo". Write your username and the payment processor account to receive the 50% cashback.

IMPORTANT: you must use the same payment processor you use for the purchase!

Do not let this opportunity slip away! Increase your earnings now!

5MC Team
Dec 14, 2016

Payment Proofs

Hi all!

As we all know, it is important for new members to know we are paying. So we would like to request you to post you payment proofs on our Facebook group.

Also, if you have any doubt on how our platform works, please refer to the Facebook group where you`ll get help faster than using support tickets.

We have noticed that some members don`t have the correct payment account set on their profiles and request Bitcoin cashouts with their email and not their bitcoin address. If you have any pending cashout with a wrong payment account, send a support ticket. Please, double check your details on Profile so you avoid delays on your cashouts.


5MC Team
Dec 13, 2016

Server Maintenance

[NOTICE] Emergency maintenance

In order to improve the quality of our network we are forced to plan an emergency maintenance on 14-12-2016 at 06.00 CET. We expect minor impact on some interfaces which could result in short bursts of high latency and packet drops during 5 minutes.
Please contact us if you face any difficulties or have any questions related to this maintenance.
Dec 11, 2016

All cashouts up to date!

Hi all!

All cashouts have been paid are are now back at the regular time frame. We apologize for the delays.

Server issue has been fixed and everything is running smoothly.

Thank you!

5MC Team
Dec 10, 2016

Perfect Money under maintenance

Hi all!

Perfect Money is having maintenance so expect some delays to happen. As soon as they finish it, we should be able to operate normally.

Thanks for you patience.

5MC Team
Dec 07, 2016

Delay on Purchases and Cashouts

Hi all!

We would like to apologize for some delays on cashouts, specially with Advcash. One week ago we had an issue with the server that conpromised the security. The issue has been fixed and all has returned to normal, but last weekend our Advcash API started to show random erros that are being fixed. This has affected both purchases and cashouts.

If you encounter any error using Advcash while purchasing, refresh and try again. If you still have a pending withdraw, please wait patiently as we are performing them manually and at the same time as we fix the errors.

Everything should be back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

5MC Team
Nov 30, 2016

Server Issues

Dear members,

We have faced a few server issues this weekend that are being solved so we disabled payments for safety. Meanwhile, we are paying today all requests with over 48h manually. If you have any pending cashout, it will be paid really soon.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your understanding.

5MC Team
Nov 27, 2016

Extended Purchases Bonus

Hello to all our dear members!

We decided to extend our Black Friday deal for a few more days! So, from now until next Saturday you can keep getting 10% cash back from all your purchases of $25 or more!

Just send us a support ticket after your purchase and you`ll get the cash back into your wallet!

Don`t forget to share to your downline!

We wish you success!

5MC Team
Nov 22, 2016

Black Friday Bonus

Dear members!

Black Friday is approaching and we have decided to give you some bonus as well!

From the 21st till the 25th November, for EVERY PURCHASE OF $25 OR MORE, you get immediately 10% cash back directly to your wallet!

This is valid for the whole period, with no limit of purchases. The more purchases you make, the more money you get.

Remember, each purchase will increase your withdrawal limit so more money you can make with us.


- After your purchase, please send a support ticket with the amount you purchase and the account number of your wallet. The payment processor must be the same you used for the purchase.

So, don`t miss on this opportunity to boost your earnings! Share this with your downline and get also the 5% referral commission on their purchases!

We wish you success!

5MC Team
Nov 20, 2016

Earning Bonus Percentages


We hope you`re having a great weekend!

Do you know we have Earning Bonus Percentages?

No? Then let us explain you what is this.

According to the number of packages you have bought, you will get a bonus earning. So, from 51 adpacks up you can up to 20% more earnings! That`s right!

On your backoffice, you have a place where it shows "Earning Bonus". If you click the "?" you will see how many ad packs you need to have in order to receive the bonus earnings. Check it out!

Now a few updates:

-Payza: we are still waiting for Payza reply on our website review. They are takin more than they advertise so all we need to do is wait. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- Cashouts: as you know, cash outs may take up to 48h. For safety reasons, we manually check each and every cash out and then approve it. This is a time consuming process and according to the number of cash out requests, might cause a small delay. A 48h timeframe allows us to check and approve pending cashouts. Also, during weekends our available team is more limited so expect your cash out to be paid faster during weekdays then at weekends!

That`s all for now! Don`t forget to join our Facebook group and share your payment proofs! Lets grow this business together!

Have a great weekend and we wish you success!

5MC Team
Nov 11, 2016

Update 11th November

Dear members,

First of all, thanks for your trust and continued support. Here are some updates regarding our platform:


All cashouts are processed within 48h. If your cashout is pending for over this period, please send a support ticket.


Although we announced our account as fully verified, when trying to set the automated payment, our test payments were not being processed. This was due to Payza still verifying the domain itself. We contacted them immediately and their reply was that this would be done between 3-5 business. It has been a lot longer than that and we are waiting patiently for their reply in order to have Payza 100% available for you to use on your purchases.

Advertising page:

We are working to get the advertising page fully operational so you can surf the daily ads as well as increase our advertising value. This will also allow you to purchase other advertising options.

We keep working to make this platform even better everyday. For that, we count on your support and don`t forget to share your payment proofs and invite your friends to try us out! Remember we have a 5 level referral commission structure that allows you to get up to 10% on their purchases.

Join our Facebook group and let us know your experience with us. We would love to hear from you!

5MC Team