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Feb 14, 2017

Update and New partner

Hello to all!

We hope you`re all having a great time and we would like to apologize for the lack of news lately.

We are working hard to pay all the outstanding cashouts. Some more have been paid in the last days and more will follow very soon.

As we told you before, we are aiming to complete our platform having being left with it incomplete by our previous programming manager. We hope to have this situation solved as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we are stablishing partnership with other platforms where you can make some extra cash and by registering with 5MC, you`re helping us by growing our revenues and be able to complete our work.

So today, we would like to present you a new partner, very similar to the first one - BTChamp.

BTChamp is a matrix but what makes it different is how affordable it is. It`s only 0.0005 BTC ($0.50) to upgrade and the upgrade lasts for 180 days.
5MC is placed on a growing team, where everyone has the chance to enjoy spillover but since this is so affordable, you`ll start making money very quickly by just promoting to a few of your followers/friends.

Try it: https://btchamp.com/ref/b69632e7c9

We will keep you updated about 5MC and new partnerships that we are concluding.

Thanks for your patience, your time and your support!


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