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Jan 13, 2017

Cashouts & Partnerships

Dear members,

We have slowly started resuming cashouts. They will be done according to availability of the team as we are now focused on finishing our platform.
No need to send support tickets. Your cashout(s) will be paid and we will soon normalize everything.

Meanwhile, we are working together with other admins in order to establish partnerships to increase the traffic and success of both platforms.

Joining one of the partners website will generate commissions to 5MC, increasing revenues and making it even more sustainable over time.

For you to get the best out of each program, we kindly ask you, if you join, advertise your 5MC referral link in that platform and use the 5MC credits to advertise here your referral link from the partner website.
This way, we increase the exposure of both programs and maximize the revenues, specially for you.

Our first partnership is with Coin4All - a M2M matrix that is still new and has an interesting feature - membership lasts for 2 months and it decreases everytime you move up a level.
With Coin4All, 100% of the payments received will be added to 5MC results so every single member will benefit from joining this matrix. Go ahead, check it out using this link:


As we said before, finishing the platform is costly and specially time consuming, leaving us in a hard position because we want to keep paying our loyal members as we always did. And we are committed to that.

Keep promoting. We are not running away and soon everything will be back to normal!

Thanks for your support.

5MC Team
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5 Minute Club is an advertising platform where you can get quality traffic to your site and real impressions. Advertising with us will guarantee real human traffic and at the same time you can be rewarded by sharing our revenues (available on specific packages).

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